Navigating the challenging and ever-changing fashion industry can be a daunting task. Although witnessing the rise in tolerance, inclusiveness, and diversity, it remains flawed. The Model Blueprint provides you with the tools to move forward in fashion with confidence and professionalism, representing yourself authentically, uniquely, and in the most remarkable light. We empower you to command your space, recognize your worth, and shape your own industry

It is imperative that we move forward in fashion the right way in order to propel the entire industry forward. 

Together, let’s empower, elevate, and evolve. 


During our one-day program you learn the basics and master the foundation of the industry. Gain comprehensive knowledge about securing a mother agency, finding ideal placements, and managing expectations

In an industry saturated with talent, it is crucial to present yourself uniquely. As presentation is key, this Blueprint empowers you with the essential skills to produce a stand out self-tape, discover your most flattering angles, and amplify your individuality through personal style.

With us, you’ll become a standout force, leaving an indelible impression in the fashion world.




Join our one-day program virtually or in person. Add-ons are only available for in person sessions and are useable for agency placements.



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